REAL” S” Ltd. Belgrade is a private company established in 1990. and is engaged in the manufacture and sale of refractory materials needed in the construction and repair of buildings and facilities in the building materials industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, oil and chemical industry, power industry (cement, brick, ceramics, power plants, steel mills, foundries, etc..). REAL” S” Ltd. Belgrade is engaged in repair and maintenance of all types of industrial furnaces, burners and other thermo-technical installations and units in the country and the territory of neighboring countries.

Since its foundation the” Real” S Ltd. Belgrade has been successfully conquering the market of refractories nurturing its proven value as reported by the quality of products and services, developing long-term relations with clients, steady growth and development, respect and fulfillment of the agreed. In order to increase the competitive ability and the conquest of new markets it is constantly improving and developing new products, services and organization.

Here you can download official document ISO 9001:2008 standard:

REAL” S” Ltd. Belgrade thanks to all of the above mentioned quality system was certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.


Our mission is to realize greater value with business activities for our own development and satisfaction of customer needs, business partners, employees and the community. “REAL S” achieves its mission through its objectives:

Our Vision AND Social Responsibility

The vision of “REAL S” is to become a regional leader in the production and sale of refractory materials, creating an environment in which the needs and expectations of customers, employees and the community are a source of ideas for setting and achieving quality objectives and development.
“REAL S” consistently respects the fundamental principles of responsibility defined by active and responsible role in the society:

We defined responsibilities and obligations by the quality policy and objectives of the company and by its consistent implementation create wellbeing and security for customers, partners, employees and their families, as well as society in which the company works.

Due to the fact that the “REAL S” since its establishment behaves and acts as a socially responsible company and respecting mentioned above we obtained quality system certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.