New products - January 2016

Vatrostalni betoni

New Packaging - May 2015.

Real S will soon offer its customers products in new packaging – paper bags. Preparations are underway and these significant changes are going to be implemented by the end of the year.

Established companies - March 2015.

Another positive result of the conference Rosov pin 2014 was a support to participants in establishing a “Serbian society for nanotechnology and nanomedicine” and “Serbian society for Refractory and Process Industry” which was successfully conducted.

Serbian society for nanotechnology and nanomedicine

Serbian society for Refractory and Process Industry

Rosov pin 2014 - November 2014.

In cooperation with the Academy of Engineering, Institute Vinca and Cement plant Lafarge BFC, Real S has successfully organized the second round table on refractory materials, process industry and nanotechnologies.
The conference was visited by a number of refractory representatives from neighboring countries.
The conference included voting for the best work in the competition for young scientists. Professional, and certainly a competent jury consisted of the conference visitors themselves.
We are pleased to point out that the award was given to our colleague Vladimir Vucetic, for a piece of work -Production of SiC shaped refractory materials for application to 1450 ° C – non-ferrous metallurgy, ceramic bond, secondary SiC.

Rosov pin 2014

Real S is again the organizer of the second regional roundtable on refractory, process industry and nanotechnologies.


Real S has helped publish a book

Financial support for the publication of a book of Real S associate Dr. Vukoman Jokanovic, called Instrumental methods, the key to the understanding of nanotechnology and nanomedicine.


Castable with colloidal binder

First in the former Yugoslavia in the implementation of nanotechnology in the production of castables.

Conference „Domestic Materials for the Future of Serbia“

At the conference “Domestic materials for the future of Serbia”, organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and industry of Serbia, Real S introduced the state of refractory in which is analyzed on the basic of numerous data related to the ratio of refractory materials produced by domestic producers placed on the market of the Republic of Serbia and foreign large companies that sell their products on the market of refractory materials in Serbia.

Roundtable: Rosov 2012

Together with the Engineering Academy of Serbia and Lafarge BFC, Real S has successfully organized and implemented the first regional roundtable on refractory.

Based on the lectures that were presented at Rosov, numerous discussions in the plenary session and contacts during the first and second day of the Roundtable originated several specific conclusions and initiatives. Conclusions and initiatives related to organizational and institutional functioning of Rosov through forms of organization already given the composition of the Scientific and Profesional Organization committee. According to these initiatives adopted by the plenary session of the Roundtable, Scientific Committee has the task to define the forms of organization.

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Roundtable: The production and use of refractory materials

Real S is one of the initiators and members of the organizing committee of conference Roundtable: The production and use of refractory materials.

Real S won of Lafarge certificate



Real S won certificates for qualification Holcim

The rally supplier Holcim (Serbia) doo Company Real With The certificate of qualification for the category of product / service Refactory Material, which are firm and Real S and it’s products are graded A – qualified without restrictions.
Qualification is based on the standard process of regional qualifying suppliers Holcim Eastern Europe, which evaluates the performance of suppliers, goods and / or services and financial capacity and management system that is implemented in the company suppliers.

See certificate here.

Real S invest in new equipment to work

The purchase of easily removable rubber conveyor Real With improved transmission efficiency of materials during the rehabilitation works on the stove.

Real S winner with Lafarge diploma

Real S won the prize for the quality of the work achieved refractory rotary kiln. Applying the standards of safety and health at work, Real S with his team won a prestigious award from the company Lafarge.